Frozen Water Park

Frozen SlideIt’s been a long time between posts, I haven’t event had time to get out and take some photos. I grabbed my camera on the way to St. Paul this morning, and I ran across this city water park. Risking frostbite, I stops to get a few shots not realizing that the fence was 12 feet high locked, and with too many people around to climb over. Being the resourceful type, I considered breaking and entering until I remembered the Timer!

Holding the camera high above my head on mono pod, I tried to hold the camera strait and steady as I shivered in the below zero temp. Luckily the Canon G6 has a swivel LCD panel so It was a little easier to compose the shot. This was the best of the lot, and I still had to crop it, edit, and rotate it slightly.

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Como-Harriet Trolley

Como-Harriet Trolley LineThis Sunday started out rainy and a little chilly. It was around 1pm when I noticed some breaking in the cloud cover. I ran down to Lake Harriet hoping to catch the last of the fall colors. I captured this shot of the Como-Harriet trolley line just as the sun peeked through a crack.

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Greener Pastures of Chaska, MN

Chaska FieldsAnother great weekend, I took a long drive out in the country on Sunday and came across this scenic hilltop and hour or so before Sunset.

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Progress, it’s slow, but it’s progress.

The backend scripts for and are loaded and appear to be working correctly. I really like WordPress even thou most of the existing templates suck. I can wait to begin building my own templates. I’ve been reading through the docs, but it slow going and I don’t have much free time.

For I’ve decided to go with Joomla along with Gallery version 2. I’ve known for a while that I wanted to use Galley. I was looking at using Typo3 as my CMS as it seams more flexible design wise. But since Joomla is included as one of Dreamhost’s one-click installs, I figure I might as well give it a try. We’ll see how the template process goes. So far I’m not impressed with the documentation, there is a lot of it, but I would prefer it in book form. I really hate reading online docs.

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48 Hour Film Project, Circa 2006

“Conspiracy Hour”, a Chiaroscuro Production

This short movie was our entry in the June 2006 Minneapolis, 48 Hour Film Project the genre picked was Sci-Fi, the required prop was a wallet, the required line of dialog was “Thanks for you help, thanks a lot.”, and the required character was a DJ Frank Mooney.

I acted as production designer responsible for the logo design, title and ending credit, lighting, and cinematography

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