2009 Hudson Hot Air Affair – Moon Glow

This Saturday, I made my way to Wisconsin, for the 2009 Hudson Hot Air Affair. While high winds prevented the Day’s balloon flight. The Moon Glow or “Field of Fire” in this case took place as schedule at sun down. The Hudson Elementary school yard was filled with 35 or so Balloonist all firing their burners into the air. A spectacular sight and one that warmed the frozen air.

The Moon Glow was a new experience in photography. I do a lot of firework and existing light photography, but this was very different from anything I’ve done before. The burners vary in temperature vastly over their burn cycle. Set your exposure too short you get a light blue light which is very dim. Wait too long the oxygen increases the burn and much more light emitted. Exposure control was difficult to say least using my old Canon G6.

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